Safle Whitepaper Announcement 🌘

Dear Community, are you ready to go beyond? We think you are. After months of development, we have finally put finishing touches on the much-awaited Safle whitepaper!

Crypto enthusiasts, traders, hodlers and developers building on the Web3 interface can now learn about the inner workings of the Safle project, its self-sustaining tokenomics and the value propositions behind the $SAFLE token. Best of all, you don’t have to be a hardcore techie to read the document and grasp the key concepts. The whitepaper is meant to be accessible to even a non-technical audience, while still remaining germane to the critical aspects of the Safle project’s underlying innovation and technology.

This 22-page informational document provides a digestible introduction to the Safle technology stack which has been built envisioning a seamless solution to the people’s challenges in mainstream/mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. It will also provide the readers with a clear-cut understanding of how Safle markedly separates itself in the competitive landscape.

** You can read the whitepaper here.

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