Safle Partners with bitsCrunch to Safeguard User NFT Assets

3 min readMay 5, 2022

bitsCrunch is one of the leading blockchain analytics firm providing AI enabled security services with a focus on the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem. bitsCrunch has developed four unique solutions that aim to tackle growing problems within the NFT space. They are

Scour — a wash trade detection tool that identifies spoofing transactions that aim to manipulate price and volume.

Liquify — a fair price estimator tool which ensures users pay the true value of the NFT.

Unleash NFTs — Collects data from wallet collections and sales across multiple blockchains, thus providing NFT analytics and portfolio tracking features on a real-time basis.

Crunch DaVinCi — a digital asset forgery detection tool that detects forgeries, copycats and bootlegged digital art preventing unsuspecting users from buying them thinking they are authentic.

Partnership synergies for bitsCrunch users.

Integrations across multiple-chains such as Ethereum, polygon, Velas, Avalanche, Harmony and many more, has enabled Safle to become a Chain Agnostic Wallet as a Service (WaaS) provider.

As bitsCrunch provides an AI enabled security service across the NFT ecosystem by tracking multiple chains, Safle will allow them to track, trace, analyze and identify transactions on a single platform. Developers will be able to use Safle’s SDK and API to buidl effortlessly.

bitsCrunch’s user base will be integrated into the Safle ecosystem which will enable them to exploit the benefits of buying, selling, staking and storing their crypto and NFT investments within a single platform. BitsCrunch users will benefit as their Safle wallet will allow them to hop across multiple chains, access dApps, swap tokens and do much more seamlessly through the Safle mobile application, web application and browser extension.

Partnership synergies for Safle users.

Safle has created the most secure non-custodial multi-chain wallet available today. To enhance security and protect users Safle has partnered with bitsCrunch to provide an additional layer of security backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for all its users.

The partnership will give all Safle users access to bitsCrunch’s AI enabled security services helping them make informed decisions by analyzing, tracking and identifying trends in the NFT ecosystem in real-time.

About Safle

A next-generation non-custodial wallet, self-sovereign identity protocol and Web 3.0 infra. provider for the decentralized ecosystem, governed by community. Safle is a decentralized blockchain identity wallet that enables secure private key management and seamless experience for dApps, DeFi and NFTs. In order to maintain a balance between developers and retail users, Safle intends to develop a wallet infrastructure in a completely non-custodial fashion using Open Governance Mechanisms via the SafleDAO coordinated and maintained by the Safle token economy. The native $SAFLE token will not only enable token holders to propose and vote on changes (governance privileges) to functionalities and feature sets of the wallet and node services, but will also create a self-sustaining token economic model where value will be generated by providing access to finance and identity in the decentralized digital world.

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About bitsCrunch

bitsCrunch is one of the top 4 AI companies in Munich, Germany that excels in Blockchain technology. They are providing AI enabled securing services that protects the blockchain ecosystem integrity, with a cross-functional team of experts backed by the leaders in the industry.

Their mission is to create impactful insights from intricate data sources, by harnessing predictive analytical systems which is empowering organizations with actionable intelligence.

Their tools — Crunch Da Vinci, Scour and Liquify help identify counterfeit NFTs, washtrading patterns of NFTs in marketplaces and cognizing fair price value of NFTs, respectively.

With these NFT Securing Services, artists can ensure their NFT assets are safe. The tools can be deployed with any NFT Marketplace to monitor NFT security threats. Apart from bolstering the authenticity of NFTs in the marketplaces, bitsCrunch also provides updates on NFT Trends through Unleash NFTs.

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