Integration Announcement: Safle x MahaDAO

Safle is delighted to announce its upcoming integration with MahaDAO, a community-powered, decentralised autonomous organisation that is governed by the MAHA community.

The MAHA token holders are at the helm of all decision making and play a central role in fulfilling MahaDAO’s true potential. The MahaDAO ecosystem features 2 tokens: MAHA and ARTH.

Automated Market Makers’ (AMMs’) core qualities like autonomy, composability & liquidity bootstrapping make them one of the crucial building blocks of the DeFi lego. AMM pricing is set by algorithms and executed essentially as “peer-to-contract” transactions. Compared to centralised exchanges, AMMs exhibit the apparent advantage of decentralisation, automation and continuous liquidity. Therefore, AMM based DEXes have gained massive traction with the revived interest in blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Safle’s integration with MahaDAO will provide its users seamless access to Maha’s L2 Dex. AMM protocols. No integration with Safle is unidirectional, the MahaDAO community in return will be benefitted by Safle’s robust Wallet and Web3 Infrastructural services.

The Safle technology stack is here to accelerate and aid the adoption process for users and developers wanting to access and build on decentralised infrastructures. We are excited to be integrating with a project that shares our ethos for a better and fully decentralised financial system. Therefore, this integration is in tandem with Safle’s vision of providing its users with the masterkey to the cryptoverse.

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