Safle enhances its Cross Chain and EVM compatibility with Velas

Safle is moving forward leaps and bounds and has taken another step forward in changing the face of the decentralised world. Announcing its new integration partnership with Velas Chain, a fork of Solana with embedded EVM integration, launched in 2019.

About Velas

Built with a mission to become the industry standard, Velas is the fastest EVM blockchain and decentralised product ecosystem, capable of processing up to 75,000 transactions per second. It brings together the best solutions for developers, enterprises, and people worldwide to create easily accessible, transparent, and community-driven ecosystems for Web 3.0. Equipped with solidity support, it opens doors for Ethereum-based projects and DeFi, and aims to be an alternative in this field. Being an ecosystem that includes smart contracts, Velas provides developers with reliable and powerful tools to create applications, platforms, as well as blockchain-based games and services.

Velas Grant Program

Safle is receiving tech support from Velas dev team through a grant program sponsoring Velas accounts integration and further SafleID enabling contract development for its community.

With this integration, the Velas community will be able to create their SafleID, a decentralised on-chain identity on the Velas chain. SafleID will enable seamless access to DApps built on the Velas chain. Advancing its multi-chain operability sphere Safle will also provide Wallet infra. and Node infra. tooling support for developers building on the Velas Chain.

The DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) carbon-neutral blockchain network powered by Velas is a concept where network users vote and elect delegates to validate the next block — which means a cleaner infrastructure for the community. As extremely low energy fees are needed to operate the Velas blockchain, the integration with Velas further enables us to make the world of Web 3.0 Safe & Simple.

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