Better Cross-Chain Liquidity with Safle & Router Protocol

Safle is pleased to share the news of its partnership with Router Protocol, a cross-chain liquidity aggregating infrastructure that connects multiple Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchains and opens up avenues for smart order routing across chains.

The rapid rise of the decentralised finance has brought on what can also be described as a financial revolution of the modern era. However, the massive influx of new users and products has also revealed a gaping hole in this ecosystem which is scalability. Congestion and high transaction fees have gradually become almost synonymous with decentralised finance. Router Protocol presents its solution to the problem by tackling the decentralised ecosystem’s trilemma: scalability, security, and unerring decentralisation.

Safle has created a set of tools for developers and retail end users that provide private, non-custodial open governance protocols to manage their wallets, and a complete suite for running and managing web services needed to connect to fully synced blockchain nodes. Safle technology stack is built envisioning the challenges in current mainstream mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. The Safle stack empowers the community to make independent decisions and have power over their digital assets. Our collaboration with Router Protocol was a natural fit since the Safle technology stack is primarily built on two fundamental pillars:

💫 Access to Identity in a decentralised environment.

💫 Access to Finance in a decentralised environment.

Through this collaboration, Safle will support Router Protocol as a wallet and Web3 infra. services provider for their community. Router Protocol, will be assisting in bridging Safle to other chains wherein the communities will be able to easily source liquidity.

Together, Safle and Router Protocol have the potential to not only bridge the gap between isolated and underused pools of liquidity, but to unlock the unrealised potential of decentralised finance.

Safle : Your Gateway to the Cryptoverse 👨🏽‍🚀

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